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strip and examine soldier body.

August 10, 2012

0001 strip and examine soldier body.

0002 strip and examine soldier body.

0003 strip and examine soldier body.

00051 strip and examine soldier body.

Staff Sergeant Walker has found a gap in Private Russell Coulter’s medical records. Wanting to clear up the matter as quickly as possible he conducts the medical right in the barracks and uses the squaddies to help him strip and examine Russell’s body. The soldiers must get up close and personal with their naked friend acquainting themselves with the smell under his foreskin and his anus.

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CMNM officers invasive investigative procedures

June 17, 2012

0005 CMNM officers invasive investigative procedures

Detained man Darren is full of suspicious stories leading the CMNM officers to more invasive investigative procedures. Bent over with his ass up in the air all the uniformed officers have a gander at his exposed hole. As they shove their fingers up his asshole they try to ascertain if he’s really guilty of misconduct or just a pervert looking to get his jollies. If he enjoys the sensation of being on display then being naked on the police station floor with legs akimbo is as exposed as he can get.

cmnm net CMNM officers invasive investigative procedures

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Young athletic Lukas cmnm humiliation procedure

June 16, 2012

00021 Young athletic Lukas cmnm humiliation procedure

The undercover reporters are shocked by the proceedings in the CMNM football club’s board room. Not only is young athletic Lukas displayed totally naked like an animal but he’s now humiliated being openly disciplined through fingerfucking and getting a dildo shoved up his tight asshole. The virile sportsman’s embarrassment is made all the more intense by the fact he can’t stop himself from growing a raging hard on.

cmnm striped Young athletic Lukas cmnm humiliation procedure

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Foreskin is rigorously sniffed and examined by cmnm

June 15, 2012

00022 Foreskin is rigorously sniffed and examined by cmnm

Just because he’s wearing a suit Darren is not granted any special favours with the assertive officers at CMNM. He’s stripped totally naked and his foreskin is rigorously sniffed and examined by the uniformed policemen. The most tender parts of his body which only his girlfriend has had access to are now exposed out into the open for all to see. To keep from being locked away Darren has to humiliate himself baring his asshole for the policemen to inspect.

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Cmnm training

June 14, 2012

0006 Cmnm training

It’s the scandal of the century! Undercover reporters have gone undercover in one of the world’s top football clubs and discovered what happens to male athletes while undergoing secret board room examinations. Lukas is a world famous sportsman but when brought into the board room he must meekly stand there and obediently allow the club’s senior management to strip his football kit off, play with his erection and examine his asshole. The reporters record every detail of the inappropriate handling including the lad’s discomfort as the clothed managers order him to squat over their faces so they can inhale the rich sporty fragrance of his hairy hole.

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Male humiliation video

June 13, 2012

0007 Male humiliation video

The uniformed officers at CMNM have taking Khaled into custody. Unusually the strong blonde Scandinavian requests an anal cavity search. The officers aren’t certain if he’s trying to cause them trouble or if he’s just a pervert. Regardless they are obliged by oath to fully check prisoners if there is any suspicion that they are concealing something illegal. Proud man Khaled gets more than he bargained for as the officers and his enemy Toby all slide their fingers up his tight rectum.

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Cmnm training. Forced humiliation

June 12, 2012

video cmnm training Cmnm training. Forced humiliation

cmnm training Cmnm training. Forced humiliation

Army officer humiliate and dominate under recruits!

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Cmnm handjobs

June 11, 2012

cmnm handjobs Cmnm handjobs

These proud studs are made excruciatingly self-conscious as older fully-clothed men shamelessly fondle their genitals and penetrate their virgin arseholes.

cmnm images Cmnm handjobs

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Cock milking cmnm

June 10, 2012

cock milking cmnm Cock milking cmnm

Some of these young lads are practically virgins and we subject them to new sexual procedures, including being made to lap up their own cum.

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Big cock cmnm

June 8, 2012

big cock cmnm Big cock cmnm

The men cringe in shame as their cocks are measured and their arseholes stretched for the first time, all for our viewing pleasure.

guys for cmnm Big cock cmnm

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